Liebster Q + A (Part Duex)

Now to answer a few questions from each of my nominators...

Gold or Silver? I'm usually a silver girl, but sometimes I bling it up with some gold.

What is your favorite kind of candy? Those little gummy orange slices that are covered in sugar. Soooo freakin' gooood. Do they have a name?

Best book you've read recently. Life of Pi.

Beauty product you can't live without. Dry shampoo. I'm loving not having to wash and style my hair everyday. Ok, now you know my dirty little secret.... too much information, I know, I know.

Stephanie's Blog: Pretty and Delectable 

Favorite food. Hands down, no question, it's gotta be Mediterranean Pasta. I could eat this everyday.... Not kidding.

Favorite animal. Woof! Woof! The dogs have it. I don't call myself a crazy dog lady for nothin'!

Are you allergic to something? Nickle. It makes it hard to find jewelry that won't give me a rash... boo!

Favorite color. It changes all the time. Usually it's purple, but right now it's orange.

Tammy's Blog: EDGYMIX

Spring or fall? Definitely fall. Sweater weather, corn mazes, apple picking and turning leaves... what is there not to love?!! And, of course, it has absolutely nothing to do with my birthday being in October... (hint, hint)... ;)

Share your best birthday memory. I can't have a birthday without having my mom's killer turtle cake. It's pretty much a chocolate chip brownie drenched in caramel. Sinfully rich. Oh, so good. I'll have to post the recipe. I've been eating these on my birthdays since I was a kid.

On vacation do you go camping or stay in a hotel? While I enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, when I'm on vacation I definitely shack up in a hotel. Want to check out the ahhhmazing hotel we stayed at on our recent trip to Chicago? Click here.

One word to describe your day.   :)   (Ummmm, does that count?!!  Right now I couldn't be happier, mostly because I'm covered in dog slobber and up to my elbows in crafting... it's been a good day.)

Kimberly's Blog: Kimberley's Quests

If you had a new dog, what would you name it? I always thought it would be cute if you had two dogs and named one Peanut Butter and the other Jelly. Just imagine the looks on peoples faces when you call them by shouting: "Peanut Butter and Jelly!!!" Love it!

Do you enjoy painting your toes? Yep! I do it as a way to pamper myself every week and even made a handy caddy to help make it easy to do.

In a parallel universe, what type of person would you be? I'd just be plain 'ole me, except with superpowers (See the next question).

What super power would you want to have? Why? I'd have the ability to freeze time. Who wouldn't want some extra time in their day?!!

Jessie's blog: Young Georgia Love


Thanks for the nominations guys! Now, to nominate a few more bloggy friends for the award as well (the rules and my questions for you are here ladies, if you'd like to participate)...

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