DIY Gallery

Bow Shoe Clip

Pom Shoe Clip

Pearl Bracelet

Book Clutch

Floral Headband

Floral Hair Clip

Floral Ponytail

Flower Belt

Floral Pin

Love Your Soles Socks

Monogram Brooch Pin

Sequin Hairclip

Heart Pin

Apple Pin

Anchor Pin

Hair Pin Makeover

Hair Brooch

Tied in a Bow Sweater

Gift Bow Hair Clip

Wordy Sweater

Pearl Mittens

Geometric Necklace

Covered Book

Book Safe

Neon Edged Boxes

Hello Hanger

Pretty Tape Dispenser

Painted Storage Box

Mason Jar Makeover

Mason Jar Match Holder

Giant Clothespin DIYs

Framed Corkboard


Lace Candle

Jewelry Display

Tack(y) Letter

Heart Art

Crochet Pillow

'Book It' Charging Station

Turtle Cake

Lavender Lemonade

Mediterranean Pasta

Greek Dip

Shower Photobooth

Wish Card

Cork Stamp

Crochet Cupcake


  1. Erica, this page is super cute! LOVE your little banners!
    xo Monicaaaa

    1. Thanks girl! Just trying to make the blog a little easier to navigate. :)

  2. Hi Erica! I love your sweet blog. I set out to make the heart socks. Couldn’t find good socks so made hats instead, same idea. They came out really cute. Thanks for the idea. Also, check out my blog today. I did a short post on your socks! 

    1. Love your idea to make hats instead! :)

      Thanks for sharing my Love Your Soles project!

  3. You did a great job! Love how it turned out :) I have been thinking myself to make a gallery too, but I guess that will only be somewhere after graduation stress ;) And I agree that the heart socks are really cute



  4. This is really great, Erica! I love this gallery!! I love your heart socks! And the Greek dip looks so delicious!!

  5. Wow, you have accomplished a ton of beautiful and charming DIY projects. I'm definitely feeling inspired!

  6. From my first glance at your blog title, I think we might be kindred bloggers. I'm Laura Beth from Perched on a Whim : )

    An excellent gallery of DIY projects. I'll be subscribing after posting this comment!

  7. Hi there! I love your blog and style! You've done a beautiful job at making your blog easy to navigate and beautiful, with a simple design. I'm finding inspiration here :) Trying to make my blog a little prettier, and I must thank you for your inspiration!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! My blog is constantly evolving as I learn more about design. It's been a fun challenge to create this space. Have fun with decorating your own little space of the internet! Happy blogging!

  8. hello! I love your blog and all the DIY ideas, they really make everyday beautiful! Thank you for all these inspiring projects!