DIY: Make Your Own Mugshot

As seen in this post, my boys are not always on their best behavior and mugshots for their 'crimes' seemed to be warranted.

So you wanna make your own mugshot?  Here are a few notes on how I made mine:  

I made these in Photoshop, by cutting the pups out of a photo and pasting that image over a mugshot background I created.  If you don't have Photoshop, you could just as easily make these by drawing a mugshot background and cutting your 'criminal' out of a photo to paste onto the background with glue.  

I personalized each pup's mugshot with their birthday shown as the ID Nos. on the top of each mug shot.  The 'criminal' charges shown also correspond to each pup's worst offense (Patrick's trouble making has been the most costly with carpet and screen repairs, hence the 'Destruction of Property' sign. Tanner is just a general all around menace to society, so I gave him the 'Disturbing the Peace' sign.)   

I'm hoping to get these mugs printed and framed  for my laundry room as a humorous reminder to let go of the little things like missing shoes and torn carpet and to love these little buggers for who they are, my perfectly imperfect pups. 

Don't have pups?  No problem!  You could make these for a mischevious child, family member or friend, all in good humor, of course!

Who would you like to make a mugshot for?

Wanna read more about my 'bad boys' crimes?  Check it out here.