A Chair Makeover: Reveal!

Lately, I've been working to turn my ho-hum craft room into a creative space that suits my style. Instead of trying to overhaul my craft room all at once, I've decided to focus on little projects here and there so that I can enjoy the process of transformation.  It's been fun to see everything come together in its own time.  

My most recent project was taking a boring old thrifted chair and giving it a bit of personality.  Here's a peek into how this project unfolded. 

This what the sad little chair looked like before I decided to fix it up a bit:  

I had initially painted it this turquoise blue color, but wasn't happy about the color choice. (Ick!!) No worries, though, a little elbow grease one afternoon solved that mistake.

I ultimately decided to go with a deep hunter green color. I thought it would compliment my pale pink walls and also tone down the girly-ness of the pink paint a bit. Plus, since green and pink are complimentary, I thought they'd look great together.

Alright, here is how the transformation progressed... First things first, I had to sand down the chair and get rid of that awful turquoise paint.  This was definitely my least favorite part.  After sanding, and sanding, and sanding, my arms were tired and I was coated in a film of powdery paint dust, but I finally got the old paint stripped off. (Tip: Wear a mask to keep yourself from inhaling the paint particles that are sanded off.  The paint dust was everywhere and so gross.)

Next, a coat of white primer got the chair in tip top shape before I painted it green.

Finally, the fun part for me was updating the upholstery.  I took the seat off the chair. Then, I removed the staples by prying them up with a screwdriver.  Most of the staples just popped right out, but a few stubborn ones needed to be pulled out with a pair of pliers.

I left the same padding on the seat as was there before and just covered the seat with my new pretty fabric. Since my fabric had a noticeable pattern on it, I took great care to be sure I had the pattern lined up exactly how I wanted it to be on the seat.  A few staples around the edge hold the fabric in place:

I put the cushion back in place, and that was all there was to it!  Now, I have a fancy (almost as good as) new chair in my office space.

So there you go... take a seat  ;)

It was a lot of fun to be able to take a tired old piece of furniture I already had and turn it into a unique piece I truly love.  I really enjoy being able to update items I already have in my home rather than having to go out and buy new stuff all the time.  There's nothing quite like taking something old and making it shiny and new again.

Have you guys made any updates to your home lately?