Sewn: Simplicity 1801 (Finally Finished!)

Ohhhh myyyy gooooodnessss guys! This dress has been on my sewing table for way too long, but it's finally done!  YAY!!!  (Insert celebratory fist pump... *pump*, *pump* ;)

I was definitely a master of procrastination on this project. (I even mentioned that I was going to start this pattern at the end of this post from last September!! SEPTEMBER!!). A special thanks to all my cheerleaders on Instagram who kept me going even when I wasn't feeling very inspired to get it done.  You gals kept me motivated, and I'm so glad I finished it!

This is definitely the most complex sewing project I've tackled to date.  There were so many pattern pieces to keep track of!!  Overall, I'm pretty proud of how it came together, but there were definitely a few bumps along the way. 

The biggest trouble I had was piecing the bodice together.  You can see in the photo above that there is some puckering at the point of the V in the neckline.  Try as I could, I couldn't get it to lay flat, so I just pressed it as nicely as I could in an attempt to make it look deliberate. This flaw might not stand out so much to other people, but I'll always know it isn't laying quite as flat as I'd like. We are always our biggest critics, right?

As a way to conceal this mishap, I'm thinking of adding some buttons down the front, or maybe I should just let it be and wear my slightly flawed handmade dress as it is with pride...

I also had a big debate raging in my head of whether or not to add the kimono style bell sleeves to the dress. (You can see that look over at Simplicity.) I really wanted to give  the sleeves a try since the style is so different than anything I already have in my closet, but a nagging voice in my head kept telling me that sleeveless was the way to go.  

Being so conflicted I turned to you guys on Instagram and Facebook for advice.  I was so thrilled you chimed in!!  The majority vote was for sleeveless by a landslide. I was a little bummed because the sleeves were funky and fun, but in the end I had to agree with everyone.  The sleeves looked overwhelmingly large on me.  Plus, I couldn't quite figure out how I'd wear a sweater over them, and we can't be making dresses that we can't stay cozy in, can we?!  ;)

Project Details:
Size: 12
Difficulty: Intermediate
Skills: fitted waistband, side zipper, pockets, time management (oops! fail on that last one! lol!)

In short, I'll probably make this pattern again.... someday, but not anytime too soon. I need a break from the big projects for now.  The next time I make it, I'd like to try the maxi version in a jersey knit like Suzannah's neon number from Adventures in Dressmaking. So cute!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the result, even if it took forever and a day.  I'm not exactly sure why it took me so long, but I think I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the different pieces and steps.  My next project should hopefully be simpler.  In fact, I'm planning to tackle Megan Nielsen's Briar T-shirt next. It's a simple pattern, but I'll be working with stretchy jersey fabric for the first time, so that will be an interesting challenge.  

So, have you guys conquered any challenging projects lately or have a project that's been nagging for you to finish it, but you keep putting it a side?  I can't be the only one ... right??!  :)