DIY: Falling Leaves Garland

I can't be the only one who loves the satisfying crunch of crispy fall leaves under their feet. Am I right?! I literally go out of my way to crunch as many autumn leaves as possible during the season. To pay homage to one of my favorite fall addictions, I decided to bring a bit of the outdoors in with this simple yet striking leaf garland.

Ready to add a touch of nature to your fall decor?


Stuff you'll need:

Leaves (I like oak leaves because they hold up well, and don't crumble as easily as others do.)

Natural twine.

Colorful twine (Bright, punchy colors add a fun contrast to the brown leaves.)


All you need to do is tie the leaves onto the twine like so:

Add as many leaves as you'd like...

These brown leaves are anything but boring! I love how they look when they catch the light. They're rustic and natural, and every time I look at my window, I can catch a glimpse of their natural beauty.

So, what have you guys been doing to enjoy fall?