DIY: Pom Pom Brooch Pin

My pom pom maker is officially my favorite new craft toy! I recently showed you how I used homemade poms to spruce up my creative space. Now, I decided to use them to add a bit of 'pow!' to my style too.

The texture and color the poms add to an otherwise everyday outfit are so fun! 

Wanna add some playful pom poms to your look?


1. Make pom poms! I used a pom pom maker, but there are also ways to make your own by using cardboard or even just your fingers. The trick to getting a nice plump pom pom is to wrap the yarn around a LOT of times.

2. Now that you have your poms, you'll need to attach some pins to the back. I used jewelry pins as shown below, but safety pins could do the trick too!

2. To add the pins to the pom poms, I just slipped the them under the strand of yarn I had used to tie the pom pom together with. No sewing necessary. Easy breezy.

4. All that is left is to add the poms to your outfit to spice it up a bit...

These are such a fun accessory. You can change up the look easily by mix and matching poms of different sizes and colors to get a whole new look! The possibilities are endless.  :)

So, have you guys made any fun accessories for spring yet? I think my motto this season is gonna be to 'put a pom on it'!  ;)