DIY - Pom Pom Decor

I bought a pom pom maker a few weeks ago, and am finally getting around to putting it to work. Over the weekend I was dying to try out my new toy, so I started making pom poms even though I didn't have a project in my mind for them. Then, I remembered Claire's recent post on her blog, claireabellemakes, where she added pom poms to her bicycle basket. It was so cute and festive! I decided it would be fun to create a similar look for my craft room.

Ready to add a dose of happy to your space?

The pom pom maker looks a bit complicated, but it is actually pretty simple to use. You just wrap yarn around both sides, snip down the center with some scissors and then finish up by tying the pom together with a bit of yarn.

I left the ends of the yarn I tied the pom together with long so that I could use them to tie the poms onto my basket like so:

I like the playfulness the poms add to the space. My craft room was in the need of a bit of pizzazz, don't ya think?!

Thanks for the inspiration, Claire! And, be sure to stay tuned, because I'm thinking up more fun things to do with these pom poms!

P.S. More on my creative work space here and here.


Life's a beach.

Well, I'm back from the beach, and am s-l-o-w-l-y dragging myself back to reality.  We had a great time despite the weather being on the chilly side. I even managed to get my bikini out into the sunshine a few times. It may have been a bit cool for that, but (dang it!) I was at the beach and I was gonna wear that bikini!  ;)

Anyways, since I couldn't bring all of you along to the beach with me, here are some photos from our trip so that you'll feel like you were there...

One of our favorite things to do was take long walks along the ocean and gather seashells. It was like treasure hunting.  The sand dollars were my favorite, because they were huge! 

Here's a 'Where's Waldo' moment for you... Can you spot the surfer dude? ;) These guys didn't care that the water was a chilly 60 degrees, they jumped right in to catch those waves.

Exploring Pensacola Beach was a lot of fun. We came across punchy beach houses, unique sea life and ate gobs and gobs (boy, did we eat a LOT) of delicious seafood.

The view from our balcony was ahhhhmazing! I'm an early riser, so I didn't miss a single sunrise.

We practically had the beach to ourselves since we missed the spring breakers and arrived before the summer rush.

See, I did wear my bikini... goosebumps and all!

This wilted rose in the sand looked so poetic that I had to capture the image. I keep creating stories in my head as to how it got there... a romantic proposal on the beach maybe?!

I loved spending so much time with this guy! The highlight of the trip for him was definitely visiting an the National Navy Aviation Museum where we tested out Blue Angels and even tried a flight simulator!

I tried to convince my husband that we needed to move to the beach permanently, but it obviously didn't work. ;)

I brought a few seashells home, so at least I have a bit of the ocean with me.  Of course, now that I'm back I've got lots of time for making new DIYs! Stay tuned.

Do you guys have any fun vacation plans coming up?


Changes are coming.

Well, Google Reader is shutting down on July 1, so if you use Google Reader to follow me, you'll need to switch to another service so that you won't miss out on any fun upcoming posts.

I recently switched to Bloglovin' to follow my favorite blogs. and I really love it. You can find me on Bloglovin here.  You can also import all of your favorite blogs to Bloglovin' here.

Another great option for following blogs is Feedly. It is similar to the beloved Google Reader, but has a much more sophisticated look. You can add me to your Feedly feed here.

Have you guys already made the switch? Which do you prefer, Bloglovin' or Feedly?

(P.S. Like my striped anchor pin? You can make your own! Check out the DIY post here.)

Cross Stitch Bracelet by Wrapped Up In Rainbows

Hi guys! You are in for a treat today! Since I'm away from the blog for a bit, I've got Laura from Wrapped Up In Rainbows here to share this fun DIY with you today. 

Hi, I’m Laura and I blog over at Wrapped Up In Rainbows. I am very excited to be guest posting on Erica’s blog today. I know that you are a crafty bunch so I thought I would take you through a little DIY for a unique cross stitch bracelet. I hope you enjoy it!

What you will need:
·      Cross stitch fabric
·      Embroidery threads
·      Graph paper
·      A needle
·      A scrap of fabric
·      A piece of felt
·      A piece of elastic
·      A glue gun
·      Scissors

The great thing about cross stitch is you can create your own designs easily. All you need is some graph paper and some pretty coloured highlighters. If you don't have any graph paper, you can find an image online and print it off like I did. I chose a colourful design with little hearts.

My design measured 66 stitches by 15 stitches. You can make yours thinner or longer if you wish.  If you are new to cross stitch, you can create a simple design just by stitching lines in different colours  I think picking out the colours is the most fun part!

Once you have made your design and are happy with it, get stitching!

Now that you have got a complete cross stitch, we are going to start the process of turning it into a cuff!

To start you will need to iron it, folding over the excess fabric so that you can see as little white as possible on the front, and ironing the back until all 4 sides have nice crisp creases.  Take your piece of scrap fabric, this needs to be just ever so slightly smaller than your actual cross stitch design, we are really just using this to protect your design from the hot glue we will be adding in a moment. So place your piece of fabric on top of your design, now we will glue the flaps down onto it using the glue gun. It doesn’t have to be too neat as we are going to cover the back up. But do make sure that the edges are all neat, as these will show.

The correct side should now look something like this:

Now, take your piece of elastic and use the glue gun to stick it down, I would suggest a good 3 cm overlap.

Take your piece of felt, and cut it so that it is the same size as your bracelet. This is going to act as a backing to tidy up any mess we made with the glue, and also it’s comfy! First, you will glue down the felt on top of the elastic you just attached. Next, glue the 2 long sides about 3 quarters of the way. Now you want to make sure the bracelet will fit correctly, so try it on and stretch the elastic to where you need it to be, hold it in place as you glue this down on the other side. Finally, glue the rest of the felt in place.

And it’s finished! Hurrah! After I made this, I realized that you could turn any piece of fabric into a bracelet this way, and you could avoid sewing at all, just by using the glue gun.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out, can you tell?

Thanks so much for reading my post today, and thanks to Erica for having me.


Thanks for sharing, Laura! For more from Laura, be sure to check out her blog Wrapped Up In Rainbows, where she shares all her DIYs, recipes, life adventures and more!

Catching some sun.

Well, it's been too long since I've had sea salt in my hair, so I'm off to the beach to catch some sun.

Be sure to drop back by the blog next week, because Laura of Wrapped Up In Rainbows will be sharing a fun DIY with you guys!  You won't want to miss it.

Later alligators!

P.S. Feel free to keep in touch on Instagram while I'm away. I'm @caughtonawhim. I promise lots of sunshine, surf and suntan lotion!  ;)

Sewn: Colette Patterns Sorbetto Tank Top

You might remember this top from the necklace DIY post I did recently, and I'm proud to say that I made it myself! I used the ever popular (and free!!) Sorbetto Tank Top pattern by Colette Patterns. With it's clean and simple design, this top was a great first garment to make. In fact, I even got brave enough to alter the pattern on my own a bit.

The most noticeable change I made was inverting the pleat. Making that adjustment was as simple as folding the pleat in the opposite direction than the pattern called for. Then, I just stitched about two inches down the pleat line rather than going down the entire length of the tank. 

Another thing I did was to add three inches in length. I found this tutorial from Oliver + S to be very helpful in learning how to properly adjust the pattern.

Creating the inverted pleat and adding some length to the tank created a nice tunic effect that I love. The top is light and flowy and perfect for spring.

I did run into some tricky points while working on the top. I found sewing on curved edges to be challenging There are some places my stitching isn't very even, but thankfully the busy floral print makes it hard to see my mistakes. Also, next time, I'm going to take the pattern in a bit at the hips. The top looks great tucked in, but if I leave it untucked, it gets to looking like a maternity blouse and I'm not needing that at this point!

Project Details:
Pattern: Sorbetto by Colette Patterns (FREE!!)
Difficulty: Beginner

Making this floral top was a fun challenge. I learned how to piece together a PDF sewing pattern, created my own bias tape, and made some simple alterations to the pattern. I'm feeling so inspired by all the different versions of the Sorbetto that I've seen online and can't wait to make a few more versions of this top in different styles.

P.S. I recently also bought this dress pattern from Colette that I can't wait to make. I'm currently looking for the perfect fabric to make it in.


Just a few things...

I always carry around a notebook so that I can jot down inspiring ideas when they hit me. I recently lost my old one (oh no!!), and have been on the hunt for a new one. I found this gold patterned beauty at Target and it's been the perfect replacement. 

Joann's was having an amazing sale and I snatched up all five of these patterns for a mere $5.00.... Score! The first is a supposedly 'easy' pattern for pants and shorts that I'm hoping will be a good introduction to sewing bottoms.  I also fell in LOVE with several Cynthia Rowley patterns. I think they are a bit too advanced for me right now, but I should be able sew them once I get a more confidence in my sewing skills. Do you have a fave from the patterns above?

Pretty spring nail polishes. My husband claims they are the same color, but they are different, right??!!  ;)


DIY: Bauble Neckace

I made this simple necklace over the weekend and I'm completely smitten with it. It is so sweet, and, best of all, it is easy enough to pull together in just a few short minutes. Wanna make your own? 


You'll just need a few wooden beads and pearls. I already had these beads in my craft room just waiting to be put to good use.

All I did was string the beads on some thread. For closure, I simply tied a knot at the back of the necklace, since the length was long enough to easily fit over my head.

And that's all there is to it! I love the rustic element of the wooden beads against the contrasting elegance of the pearls. It's subtle and a bit unexpected.

Alright, you guys, I still have some of these wooden beads left over that are just dying to be made into something pretty. Do you have any suggestions for what else I should make with them? 

P.S. Here's another jewelry tutorial for you.