Looking Back: February

Gosh, February is short! But, maybe that is a good thing, because it means spring is just a wee bit closer. Here's a recap of some of the projects I was able to cram into this short month...

I made some heart art for my craft room, and I can't wait to show you where I hung it. Stay tuned!

I dressed up a letter with some upholstery tacks to make it just a little bit tack-y. ;)

I took you 'behind the scenes' to see how I set up for my crafty photographs.

These necklaces are so simple to make, you'll want one in every shape.

I needed more room to work on all my crafty projects, so I took matters into my own hands an built this crafty table.

This sweet little crochet cupcake is so stinkin' cute.

Alright, who is ready for springtime?!! I know I am! Bring. It. On.