DIY: Crafty Photography Set Up

I've had a few readers and ask about how I take my photos for the blog and I thought it would be fun to do a behind the scenes post. I'm pretty new to photography and am still learning as I go, but here's a peak into my current set up for crafty photos.

The diagram above pretty much shows how simple my set up is, but break it down:

1. A furry photo assistant is, of course, optional, but cute and recommended... ;)

2. I use a window as a natural light source. This room faces west, so early afternoon when light is flooding through the window is best for photos. I avoid taking photos in the late afternoon when harsh, direct sunlight is coming through the window, because I don't like the sharp shadows it creates. You can experiment with taking photos near a window in your home at different times during the day to see what time of day works best for you.

3. I bought some foam board at the craft store that I use as a backdrop. The ones I bought have a shiny side and a matte side. I like using the matte side facing up so that there is no reflection in the photo.  I just lay one board on the table and the other one I prop up at the back of the table as a backdrop.

4. I use a small, short table (this one is from Ikea and super affordable). I like using a short table so that I can stand above it and take bird's eye view photos. I can also kneel in front of the table to take pictures at eye level. Here's a better look at the full set up with the table... 

And, finally, here is the shot I got with this set up... 

Pretty simple, huh?!  I'm a firm believer that photography doesn't have to be overly complicated. Natural light and a clean background is sometimes all you need for a good crisp photo.  Of course, you can always experiment and grow from there. 

So, how do you guys set up for your photographs? Do you have any photography tips to share?

(Thanks to Caleisha and Mackenzie for asking about my photography set up. Also, stay tuned, because I'm working on some more photography tip posts to help give you some more ideas on how to spice up your photos!)