DIY: Craft Table

I don't think there is anything more important in a craft room than tablespace.  A girl's gotta have a place to work! I'd been looking for a high table where I could stand and work without having to bend over all the time. I couldn't find anything super affordable that also suited what I needed. So, what is a crafty girl to do?!! Make one of course!  

I enlisted the help of my husband for this endeavor, because while I may be crafty, I'm not all that handy.


I am by no means an expert, but here's a little bit on how we got the job done.

1. We purchased wood at the hardware store. Most of it was already cut to the sizes we needed, but a few pieces we (errrr, my husband) cut with an power saw. We went with cheaper woods, because we are new to woodworking and didn't want to risk ruining nice wood on our first try. The table top was pine and the legs were poplar.

2. Then, we got down to business. 

These were the tools we used:
1 & 4 // Safety glasses and earplugs (Saftey first! Your eyes and ears will thank you.)
2 // Clamps
3 & 6 // Brad nailer and pneumatic tool oil
5 // Brads 
7 // Wood Glue

3. We glued and clamped the pieces together before we nailed them with the brad nailer.

As you can see below, we added the side rails to the middle of the legs for added support. No wobbly table for me! 

The table is pretty plain jane right now, but it gets the job done. I'm wanting to spice it up with some wood stain or paint. I'm thinking it could be fun to do something unexpected like neon table legs or even use fabric to cover it. What do you think? I'll be sure to keep you posted!