DIY - Clay Shapes Necklace

As promised earlier this week, here is the tutorial for making these fun necklaces. This project is super easy and costs next to nothing. By using only a little bit of polymer clay, you'll be able to create a ton of new necklaces to add to your jewelry box.

Ready to make your own?


1. Make shapes out of Sculpey clay. You can go crazy making any shapes you'd like. Then, bake them according to the directions on the package. Once your shapes are ready you can paint them for added interest. I had a lot of fun using gold and lavender paint. Using painters tape, as shown below, can help you get nice crisp lines.

Just look at all the different types of shapes you can make! Let your imagination run wild.

2. Next, string the pendants on some thread or chain.

3. Add a clasp and you are good to go!

Making these can be a little addictive. I'm still coming up with lots of fun shapes I want to make. What shapes will you make?

P.S. You can check out more ways I like to wear them here. These necklaces are so much fun to layer!