Looking Back: February

Gosh, February is short! But, maybe that is a good thing, because it means spring is just a wee bit closer. Here's a recap of some of the projects I was able to cram into this short month...

I made some heart art for my craft room, and I can't wait to show you where I hung it. Stay tuned!

I dressed up a letter with some upholstery tacks to make it just a little bit tack-y. ;)

I took you 'behind the scenes' to see how I set up for my crafty photographs.

These necklaces are so simple to make, you'll want one in every shape.

I needed more room to work on all my crafty projects, so I took matters into my own hands an built this crafty table.

This sweet little crochet cupcake is so stinkin' cute.

Alright, who is ready for springtime?!! I know I am! Bring. It. On.  


Hey there, Cupcake!

I was so excited when I saw Alycia's choices for the February crochet-a-long over at her blog, The Curious Pug. All the patterns were so sweet and perfect for Valentine's Day. Since I normally crochet practical things like hats and scarves, this was a chance for me to make something just for fun.

The pattern used was the Bake Me A Cake pattern from BitterSweet. It turned out so cute that I couldn't help but dress it up in a cupcake wrapper (I had some left over from this project). I also put a little candle on it to celebrate (although I won't dare to light it)!

This certainly is one sweet little cupcake, figuratively speaking that is. And, it is truly too pretty to eat, which is just fine with me, because I'm not a big cake eater anyway.

Project Details:
Bake Me A Cake pattern from BitterSweet
Yarn - Lion Brand Wool Ease in Natural Heather and Blush Heather (leftovers from this project)
Hook - Size 5
Difficulty - Pretty Easy
Skills - Crocheting in the round, Increasing, Scallops, Seaming, Stuffing (I used cotton balls because that was what I had around my house.)

You can check out what everyone else did for the crochet-a-long in the link up at The Curious Pug.

So, do you ever make things just for fun with no real purpose in mind?


DIY: Craft Table

I don't think there is anything more important in a craft room than tablespace.  A girl's gotta have a place to work! I'd been looking for a high table where I could stand and work without having to bend over all the time. I couldn't find anything super affordable that also suited what I needed. So, what is a crafty girl to do?!! Make one of course!  

I enlisted the help of my husband for this endeavor, because while I may be crafty, I'm not all that handy.


I am by no means an expert, but here's a little bit on how we got the job done.

1. We purchased wood at the hardware store. Most of it was already cut to the sizes we needed, but a few pieces we (errrr, my husband) cut with an power saw. We went with cheaper woods, because we are new to woodworking and didn't want to risk ruining nice wood on our first try. The table top was pine and the legs were poplar.

2. Then, we got down to business. 

These were the tools we used:
1 & 4 // Safety glasses and earplugs (Saftey first! Your eyes and ears will thank you.)
2 // Clamps
3 & 6 // Brad nailer and pneumatic tool oil
5 // Brads 
7 // Wood Glue

3. We glued and clamped the pieces together before we nailed them with the brad nailer.

As you can see below, we added the side rails to the middle of the legs for added support. No wobbly table for me! 

The table is pretty plain jane right now, but it gets the job done. I'm wanting to spice it up with some wood stain or paint. I'm thinking it could be fun to do something unexpected like neon table legs or even use fabric to cover it. What do you think? I'll be sure to keep you posted!


DIY - Clay Shapes Necklace

As promised earlier this week, here is the tutorial for making these fun necklaces. This project is super easy and costs next to nothing. By using only a little bit of polymer clay, you'll be able to create a ton of new necklaces to add to your jewelry box.

Ready to make your own?


1. Make shapes out of Sculpey clay. You can go crazy making any shapes you'd like. Then, bake them according to the directions on the package. Once your shapes are ready you can paint them for added interest. I had a lot of fun using gold and lavender paint. Using painters tape, as shown below, can help you get nice crisp lines.

Just look at all the different types of shapes you can make! Let your imagination run wild.

2. Next, string the pendants on some thread or chain.

3. Add a clasp and you are good to go!

Making these can be a little addictive. I'm still coming up with lots of fun shapes I want to make. What shapes will you make?

P.S. You can check out more ways I like to wear them here. These necklaces are so much fun to layer!


Shape it.

Just a sneak peek of some fun necklaces I made for an upcoming DIY post. You might want to brush up on your geometry skills for this one, because you'll want to make one in every shape imaginable.  Stay tuned!

UPDATE:  Check out the full tutorial here.


DIY: Crafty Photography Set Up

I've had a few readers and ask about how I take my photos for the blog and I thought it would be fun to do a behind the scenes post. I'm pretty new to photography and am still learning as I go, but here's a peak into my current set up for crafty photos.

The diagram above pretty much shows how simple my set up is, but break it down:

1. A furry photo assistant is, of course, optional, but cute and recommended... ;)

2. I use a window as a natural light source. This room faces west, so early afternoon when light is flooding through the window is best for photos. I avoid taking photos in the late afternoon when harsh, direct sunlight is coming through the window, because I don't like the sharp shadows it creates. You can experiment with taking photos near a window in your home at different times during the day to see what time of day works best for you.

3. I bought some foam board at the craft store that I use as a backdrop. The ones I bought have a shiny side and a matte side. I like using the matte side facing up so that there is no reflection in the photo.  I just lay one board on the table and the other one I prop up at the back of the table as a backdrop.

4. I use a small, short table (this one is from Ikea and super affordable). I like using a short table so that I can stand above it and take bird's eye view photos. I can also kneel in front of the table to take pictures at eye level. Here's a better look at the full set up with the table... 

And, finally, here is the shot I got with this set up... 

Pretty simple, huh?!  I'm a firm believer that photography doesn't have to be overly complicated. Natural light and a clean background is sometimes all you need for a good crisp photo.  Of course, you can always experiment and grow from there. 

So, how do you guys set up for your photographs? Do you have any photography tips to share?

(Thanks to Caleisha and Mackenzie for asking about my photography set up. Also, stay tuned, because I'm working on some more photography tip posts to help give you some more ideas on how to spice up your photos!)


Heart Bomb.

When Meredith of One Sheepish Girl announced she was holding her second Sheepish Yarn Bomb, I knew I had to take part. You may remember my very first yarn bomb from back in September, and can you believe that it was still there after all these months??!!  With the Sheepish Heart Bomb now going on I knew this would be the perfect time to replace my previous yarn bomb... with hearts, of course!

I used two patterns to create my hearts. The small heart pattern is available in Meredith's post. The second pattern is the From the Heart Bunting pattern by Susan Carlson, which is a free pattern download on Ravelry. It was a lot of fun to do because it creates a heart out of two different colors.

I have to say that it felt good to replace the old weathered bows with pretty and colorful hearts for Valentines Day... 

I hope you all had a super Valentines day! We ate hot dogs, watched some of our favorite sitcoms and finished off with my husband playing guitar for me while I crafted and ate chocolates. These things, my friends, are the stuff true love is made of.  ;) 

What did you do for Valentines Day? 

P.S. If you want to participate in the #SheepishHeartBomb, there is still time.  More details here. And, if you already participated, leave a link below so I can check it out!  :)


DIY: Heart Art

Ever since I found this painting (via Because It's Awesome), I've been wanting to recreate it for myself. I've always enjoyed painting, and love fun, simple ideas that I can easily make for myself. With Valentines Day quickly approaching I knew it was the perfect time tackle this project, although I'm planning to leave this lovely heart art up even after Cupid puts his bow away for the year.

Ready to make your own heart painting?


You can do a Google search for hearts to find a shape that you love for your painting.

I mixed up these three colors for the perfect bright shade of red.

Now, your walls can have some heart! Of course, if you weren't into the lovey dovey heart theme, you could use other shapes as well. Circles, triangles, and stars could all be fun. You can also experiment with different color combinations too!

I haven't decided where exactly in my craft room I'm going to hang this little gem quite yet, but I'll be sure to share some pics when I do. I can already tell that it's really going to brighten up my room for sure!

So, do you guys like to create your own art too?


DIY: Tack(y) Letter

Today's blog post is brought to you by the letter 'E'! ;)

I've been wanting to create an initial decoration for my craft room to add a more personal touch. With some kitschy fabric and brass tacks, I was able to add a bit of personality to a plain old letter 'E'. 

Ready to create your own tack-y letter?


Stuff You'll Need:

Tacks (I got upholstery tacks from the hardware store. There are lots of different finishes to choose from.)

Paper mache letter (Look in your craft store.)



Elmer's glue and Mod Podge did the job in holding it all together.


1. Use the Mod Podge to adhere the fabric onto the letter.  First, I covered the letter with a piece of fabric large enough to cover the front and wrap around the sides. Then, I did the same with the back. I cut out notches at the corners and folded the fabric up as if I was wrapping a present as shown below.

2. To give the letter a more finished look I created a strip of fabric that I then wrapped around the edge of the letter to cover the fraying fabric edges. A bit of Mod Podge glued it in place.

3. Now it's time to get tacky! I drew a line on the fabric with fabric chalk to use as a guideline as to where the tacks should go. 

4. To keep the tacks in place I used a bit of Elmer's glue. Other glues may also work, but just be sure they won't be too messy or stain the fabric.

That's it! Now you have a tack-y letter that is pretty stylish as well...

Pssst... More on my craft room here.

Be sure to follow along so you won't miss another fun DIY!