Creative Space.

Well, here's another peak into my little WIP of a craft room. It is coming together in it's own time and I'm in no hurry to have it 'finished' quite yet.  I think most of the fun comes from watching the pieces fall into place bit by bit. To break it down it looks something like this...

(And don't worry it's not usually this clean. I just tidied up for you guys. Showing your space on your blog is a lot like having company over.... you want to tidy up first.)

P.S. More on my jewelry display here and Mr. Rex here.

DIY: Cork Stamp

I'm trying to get into the habit of making cards rather than buying them. I started when I sent my sister the Make a Wish Birthday Card. Now that Valentines day coming up, I thought it would be fun to create my own stationary for the occasion.

With some corks and paint lying around my house this project was both easy and free.  Ready to make your cork stamp?


You can choose any shape you'd like. Simple shapes are best because they are easier to cut out. I choose a heart because I thought it would be sweet for Valentine's Day. This bunting idea from Pilli Pilli is super cute, and I'm saving this Christmas tree version from Feathers and Freckles for next Christmas.

I know you know, but just a quick note to be careful and not to rush in this step. You don't want to slice a finger!!

And, that's all there is to it. Now, go ahead and stamp you heart out.  ;)

Crochet-a-long: Slouchy Beanie

I was so excited when I stumbled upon the The Curious Pug's December crochet-a-long. Yes, I know it is January and I'm a month late, but I couldn't wait to try out the pattern and make a slouchy hat for myself too. 

Wanna crochet your own slouchy hat?? You can find the pattern over at Little Things Blogged. Also, be sure to link up with The Curious Pug and check out everyone else's hats too! This pattern was super easy to whip up and is a perfect starter project for a beginner.  Yay, for cozy crochet! Let me know if you give it a try. 

Project Details:
Yarn - Lion Brand Wool Ease in Natural Heather and Blush Heather
Hook - Size 5
Time - One evening watching TV
Difficulty - Easy Breezy (Go for it beginners!!)
Skills - Crocheting in the round, Increasing, Changing Colors 

P.S. As you can see I'm also getting some mileage on that Wordy Love Sweater I made.  ;)

Unexpected places.

You can find beauty in the most unlikely places. For instance, I found these balls of twine while I was browsing around the hardware store with my husband.  Amidst the hammers, screws and nails sat these bright little balls just beckoning for me to take them home.  Of course, I had to grab three... one in every color. I'm sure they have some other purpose, but I snatched them up for.... well, crafting of course. 

What on earth should I do with these beauties?? (I've already used a little bit here.)

DIY: Wordy Sweater

I've been seeing this trend in the fashion world a lot lately of letting your clothes do the talking, and I have to agree... if you have a lot to say, then why not wear it?? 

This is my sweet little DIY version. Ready to make your own talkative sweater? 


Stuff you'll need:

A sweater

A lightweight yarn (I used Lion Brand Wool Ease in Blush Heather)


Needle and thread

(Note: It is important that the yarn you use is not too heavy.  At first I tried using a heavier cotton yarn, but it's weight and made the sweater sag so I switched to a lightweight wool blend.)


1. Crochet a length of chain stitch.  Mine was about a yard long to create the word 'love'.  The length you need will depend on the length of your word and writing style. NOTE: If you don't crochet, you could easily braid several strands of yarn together for the same effect.

2. Layout the word on your sweater.  It took me some time fiddling with it to get the letters to look how I wanted them to. Also, be sure to try on the sweater to make certain the word falls where you want it to when you wear it. Then, just sew the yarn into place.

That's all there is to it. Now, you have a sweater that lets you speak without talking. I'm thinking of trying this project with ribbon, cord and other trimmings as well. I'll keep you posted!

So, if your sweater could talk, what would it say?

Snow Day.

We had a blanket of white fluff six inches deep cover our city last week. While Mother Nature unleased her wrath by giving me a 5 hour drive home from work on icy roads, watching these two pups play around in the fresh layer of frost was amusing enough to make it well worth all the icy trouble. 

Patrick was the stoic observant one and Tanner, well, he was....

... just a little bit excited.  ;)

Have you guys had any snow yet this winter? What is your favorite thing to do in the snow?

DIY: Embellished Mittens (Guest Posting)

Well, you've gotta keep your mitts warm this winter and you might as well be cute at the same time. Ready to dress up some plain old mittens??!!

I'm sharing this warm and cozy DIY over at Jessica's blog, Creative Index, so head on over and I'll see you there!

Dear Photograph.

Ever since I found the Dear Photograph project a year ago, I knew I wanted to participate. I just love the idea of capturing a distant memory in the present. The photos and stories people share are engaging snippets into their lives, both the past and the present.  On my recent trip to visit family in Chicago I made sure to snap a photo which captured just that. A special thanks to my mom who searched through piles of family photos to find perfect shot for me to use.

The DIY Gallery Is Open!

I've created a brand new feature here on the blog... a DIY Gallery!! If you were looking for a previous project or just browsing for inspiration be sure to take a peak. There are tons of projects already listed and the list keeps growing so stay tuned.  I've added a link to the gallery right under my intro on the side bar...

So, do you guys have a favorite project from the blog so far? Check out the DIY Gallery and vote for your fave in the comments below. I can't wait to see which project gets the most votes!

DIY: Jewelry Display

I've been looking for a way to display my jewelry for a while now, but could never find anything I really liked. That is, until I stumbled upon this wooden accordion rack at the craft store. For less than $10.00 (score!!), I knew I had found the perfect jewelry rack. 

While these wooden racks are typically reserved for scarves and hats, re-purposing it as a jewelry rack has worked out pretty great. Now, my jewelry is proudly displayed on my wall where it brightens my room and beckons for me to wear it. The crafty side of me is thinking of painting it, but I've decided (at least for now) that I like the beauty of the natural wood showing through. An added bonus... this might just be the easiest DIY I've ever done.  ;)

My jewelry is much more appreciated now that it is no longer hiding away in a jewelry box.  Do you guys have any tips or tricks for displaying jewelry?

DIY: Christmas Light Storage

I know it is well after New Years, but I am just now taking down my Christmas decorations. Don't judge.  ;) I always try to keep the decorations up in my home as long as possible, because they brighten the place up so much.

Last year, my mom taught me this little trick for storing Christmas lights.  It is simple, easy and saves you the hassle of having to untangle your lights when you take them out every Christmas.


Stuff You'll Need:

Strands of Christmas lights that need to be put away.

Rectangular pieces of cardboard.


Cut a notch at the top an bottom of the cardboard. This is where the ends of the light strands will go.

So have you guys put away all your holiday decorations yet, or are you like me and try to keep them out as long as possible?


I've been working hard to transform my craft room from a plain old room into an inspiring workspace. Enter Mr. Rex. He's a little guy with a big personality. Do you remember these 3D dinosaur puzzles from gradeschool?? I had a lot of fun putting him together (although I won't divulge exactly how long it took... let's just say there's a reason I'm not an archaeologist... lol!). Now that I've (finally) pieced him together (and found a place for all those 'extra' parts) he sits proudly the desk in my craft room keeping a careful watch, because nobody wants to mess with Mr. Rex.  ;)

I'm a firm believer that a workspace (especially a creative one) doesn't have to be boring.  Mr. Rex here certainly spices things up a bit. Do you guys have any fun or quirky accessories in your home that you love?

P.S. Stay tuned for more details of my craft room coming up!