Thrifty, or something like it.

I know crafty girls are supposed to be thrifty, but somehow I missed that mark. Still, I've always longed to be a thrifty girl.  You know, that girl who can go into a thrift store and scour the racks and dive head first into the bins to unearth hidden treasures at bargain prices.

I may not be the most thrifty gal, but I decided to work on it.  I've made a goal to venture into a thrift store at least once a month and give rummaging through the racks and bins a fair try. And, oh my goodness guys, look at this silk scarf I scored for $1.00 at the Goodwill!! It may have taken me 45 minutes of scouring the store, but it was well worth it to come home with this beauty.

Finding this scarf may be beginners luck, but I'm starting to see that if I keep finding treasures like this one, thrifting could get a little addictive.  Who knows, I may just end up finding my thrifty side after all?!!

Alright thrifty gals, I need your help. Care to share any thrifting tips with me to keep me on track?  

Hopefully, I'll have some new thrifted treasures to share with you soon!

Also, does anyone know any fun ways to wear silky scarves?  Feel free to link up below if you have pics. I want to wear this beauty all the time and could use some ideas for remixing it.