DIY: That's A Wrap Christmas Garland

Last year, my family decided to come visit me for Christmas, and (epps!!) I didn't have any fancy holiday decorations. Thinking fast, I found some Christmas wrapping paper and created these festive holiday garlands. They really created a cheerful holiday mood.

Ready to make some wrapping paper garland?


All you have to do is create interlocking rings of wrapping paper. You can use any style and design of wrapping paper that suits your decor, so the possibilities are endless.

Next, is deciding where to use the garland to decorate the house. You can...

These are the same garlands I used last year, so you can see that they held up really well in storage. I didn't do anything fancy to store them,  I just threw them into a big plastic storage box.

This is also a great way to re-use old wrapping paper after you've finished unwrapping gifts. You could save the used paper to use as garland next Christmas or create some garlands to throw up as New Year's decorations.

Well now, that's a wrap!  ;)

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