DIY: Make a Wish Birthday Card

I knew I wanted to create something special for my sister's big 2-0 birthday this year.  I fell in love with this adorable card I found on Pinterest and knew I had to put my own spin on it.

Have someone special you'd like to send a wish to?


I used a real candle and some brown card stock for the cupcake. The wrapper is an actual cupcake wrapper which I cut like so...

I sketched out the wording on the card which I later painted on.  Then, I assembled the cupcake on top.

I poked tiny holes through the card on each side of the candle and thread the ribbon through. I tied the ribbon around the candle to hold it in place.

Now comes the fun part... make a wish!!  And you have to tell what your wish is or it won't come true...

So, what are you wishing for??