Looking Back

So turkey day has come and gone, but before we get full swing into the holiday season, I wanted to take the time to take a look back over some of the fun projects from the blog in November.

I sent a very special wish to my sister with the Make a Wish Birthday Card.

I created a sweet Wedding Keepsake Hanger DIY for my friend Laicie who tied the knot. 

I shared some pretty handmade trinkets from my friend Claire at claireabellemakes.

With it getting chilly out, I had to keep my feet cute and cozy in some Love Your Soles Socks.

I finished a crochet cowl so that I could attend my first ever virtual craft party.

I decided to catch some big dreams in an oversized dreamcatcher. Zzzzzz... 

Finally, I wanted to share a project by my friend Alessandra from homemade@myplace. She added bows to her crochet bracelets, which is a really fun twist on my bow sweater tutorial.  Thanks for sharing Alessandra!

Alright, see you in December guys! And you better be ready to get your holiday craft on, because I've got some goodies in store. Be sure to follow along so you won't miss out.

As always, link up below with a favorite project or post of your own from November. I can't wait to see what you guys have been up to too!

DIY: Big Dreams Dreamcatcher

Have big dreams?  Then, you need a big dreamcatcher, because sometimes just any old dream catcher won't do.

Ready to catch some big dreams??


1. You'll need a large embroidery hoop.

2. Take the hoop apart. We'll only need the inner hoop.

3. Wrap yarn around the hoop.  I used a macrame technique shown in this video at Lune Vintage. 

4. Next, you'll need a supersized doily.  I crocheted my own by starting with this pattern and improvising towards the end when the gauge got wonky. UPDATE: The yarn I used was Lion Brand's Hometown USA in Houston Cream. Thanks for asking Monica!

If you don't crochet, don't worry.  You can purchase doilies at thrift and antique stores and sew them together to fill in the area in the hoop. This is similar to how the the girls at A Beautiful Mess did here

5.  Next, tie the edges of the doily to the hoop with thread.  Finally, add tassels and embellishments. I chose pearls, but there are a lot of other great ideas in this post.

Alright gals, dream on.... What are you dreaming of?

Dream On... Dreamcatchers.

Do you guys remember your dreams in the morning? I hardly ever do, but I'm thinking that a pretty dreamcatcher could help me cling onto those lovely fleeting things.  While dreaming up my perfect dreamcatcher, I came across these dreamy dreamcatcher inspirations. I would love to have my dreams tangled in one of these webs.

Who's ready to catch some Zzzzzzzs? So, do you guys remember your dreams in the morning?

P.S. I'll be showing my dreamy version of a dreamcatcher later this week.  Stay tuned!

Crochet Saturday.

I checked the forcast and.... it's crochet weather! There is nothing quite like curling up on the couch with some yarn and a crochet hook when the weather is cool and crisp. A cup of hot tea isn't required, but ... ok, who are we kidding... tea is definitely required. ;)

I whipped up this cowl so that I could attend Trish's craft party (gallery here). Of course, the day I completed the cowl, it decided to be 80 degrees outside.  But... dang it, I was going to wear it despite the heat. After all, I had a virtual craft party to attend, and I needed to look both crafty and fashionable. ;)

Do you guys have any cold weather crafts or hobbies?

Pattern from So Pretty! Crochet by Amy Palanjian. Love the look, but don't crochet?  Then check out Janelle Haskin's Etsy shop. She is the genius designer behind this pattern and her shop is filled with lots of lovely crochet items. UPDATE: The yarn I used was Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Fisherman. Thanks for asking, Emma!

Turkey Coma.

Oh. My. Goodness.  After a day of pure gluttony and plenty of thanks I feel about the same as how Tanner looks above.  Zzzzzzzz..... 

But before I nod off, HaPpY ThAnKsGiViNg guys!!!  Hope you had a great one.  I spent the day with my hubby, two pups and, of course, the guest of honor... a turkey. ;)  I hope you had an equally lovely day with those dear to your heart as well.

DIY: Love Your Soles Socks

Brrrrrrr.... it's chilly outside and when the temperatures drop you've gotta keep those tootsies warm. 

Ready to show your feet some love this winter?  Keep them warm in some cute heart socks.  Your soles will thank you.


Stuff You'll Need:

A pair of thick warm socks (the fuzzier, the better)

Red felt

Heart template

Needle and thread


This project couldn't be any easier.  All you need to do is cut hearts out of the felt and then sew them onto the heels of the socks. (Tip: I found it easiest to weave the needle in and out through the outside of the sock rather than pulling it all the way through the inside of the sock as I sewed).

Slip them on your feet to stay warm and cozy...

Now, that's showing your feet some love.

Do you guys have any tips for staying cute and warm in the winter?

Spotlight On: claireabellemakes

I was thrilled when my bloggy friend Claire sent me these beautiful handmade creations from her Etsy shop, claireabellemakes, and I couldn't wait to share them with you.

Claire has a knack for picking out the prettiest fabrics and trinkets to display on her pieces, which are all made by hand.

And how cute and whimsical is this scrabble ring?? She sent me the letter 'E', which also just so happens to be my favorite letter. ;)

I just love this sweet and humorous card she sent.  It is so thoughtful with its knitting theme, because we met through the #sheepishyarnbomb day. How fitting! More on that fun little adventure here.

Be sure to drop by claireabellemakes on Etsy to check out her other beautiful creations.  These handmade trinkets would make great gifts since we have the holidays quickly approaching. The holidays are great time to think about supporting small shops and handmade items. You can also find Claire at her blog, where she talks about all things handmade and crafty. Claire is definitely my kind of gal.  :)

Do you have a favorite piece from Claire's shop?

DIY: Wedding Keepsake Hanger

Hi Guys!  My bloggy friend Laicie from A Thousand Threads is getting married.  Whooohooo!! I'm honored she asked me to guest post while she is away tying the knot. And what would be more perfect than a wedding DIY??  Check out the full tutorial at A Thousand Threads.  Be sure to leave Laicie some well wishes on her blog for her wedding day.

Laicie, I wish you the best on your big day. Cheers!

Awwww Shucks, Thanks!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, so I thought it would be the perfect time to say thanks to some wonderful blogs for featuring my projects.

First up, my DIY Book Clutch was featured at the Mod Podge Rocks! blog. If you haven't been to Mod Podge Rocks!, you need to check it out.  It is the place to be if you want to rock out with some Mod Podge.  

Next, my DIY Anchor Brooch was featured at M&J Trim Blog. Be sure to check out the feature for some other great brooch DIYs too! And drop by the M&J Trimming store for tons of crafting supplies.  Most recently I purchased some silk ribbon that I'm just dying to use in a project.

My DIY Conversation Hanger Tutorial was featured at Henry Happened.  Drop by Stephanie's blog and check out her roundup of awesome hanger tutorials, because hangers don't have to be boring. You'll be glad you paid Stephanie's blog a visit because her roundups are ahhhmazing!!

Finally, I was dubbed the "queen of cute DIY brooch pins" by Meream at Bored & Crafty,  because of my Monogram Brooch Pin Tutorial.  Thanks girl! Meream is such a sweet bloggy friend, so be sure to take a peak at her blog for some serious inspiration.  Right now, she's got some tutorials that will make you want to raid a kid's toy box.  Not. kidding.

Sweater from the DIY - Tied in a Bow Sweater Tutorial. You can make your own!

Oh, goodness, with all this bloggy love....  I'm blushing! Thanks guys!

Coming up soon is a dreamy tutorial, which I hinted about here.  Stay tuned!

DIY: Make a Wish Birthday Card

I knew I wanted to create something special for my sister's big 2-0 birthday this year.  I fell in love with this adorable card I found on Pinterest and knew I had to put my own spin on it.

Have someone special you'd like to send a wish to?


I used a real candle and some brown card stock for the cupcake. The wrapper is an actual cupcake wrapper which I cut like so...

I sketched out the wording on the card which I later painted on.  Then, I assembled the cupcake on top.

I poked tiny holes through the card on each side of the candle and thread the ribbon through. I tied the ribbon around the candle to hold it in place.

Now comes the fun part... make a wish!!  And you have to tell what your wish is or it won't come true...

So, what are you wishing for??