DIY: Tied in a Bow Sweater

Here it is... my first ever 'bow'torial!  This tutorial is one part sweater and about a gazillion parts bows.

Are you ready to be tied in a bow?


Stuff you'll need:

I used 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon.


1. Make a gazillion little bows...  ;)

Note: I singed the bow ends in flame (being careful not to burn down the house) to keep them from unraveling. A dab of clear nail polish could also do the trick.

2. Sew the bows onto the sweater. I just eyeballed random placement of the bows. You get the feel for it after a while.  I only put bows on the front and sleeves of the sweater. I didn't put them on the back because I felt the bows would get smushed every time I sat down.

Now you're set to be tied in a bow.

You can create this look in endless color combinations.  I really liked the contrast of the black ribbon on my beige sweater, but if you wanted to go subtle I really love this monochromatic look over at Atlantic-Pacific. Just find some ribbon in the same color as your sweater.

So, are you loving the embellished look?  

P.S. I'm brainstorming some other fun embellished clothing tutorials, so stay tuned.