DIY: Sequin Hairclip

Clipping my hair back and the topsy turvy ponytail are about the only two ways I know how to style my hair. Easy, quick and simple is my kind of style. Of course, a 30 second hairstyle doesn't have to be boring. Adding a fun embellishment such as this sequin hair clip can take a simple style and make it extraordinary.

Wanna make your own sequin hair clip?


Stuff You'll Need:

Hair Clip*

Sequin Trim

Strip of Felt

Needle and Thread

*Note - Next time I'm going to use a hair clip that actually clips rather than one that slides into the hair to make it easier to get the clip in and out of the hairstyle.  Live and learn.  ;)


1. Cut a strip of felt just large enough to cover the hair clip.  Also, cut a piece of sequin trim slightly larger than the felt strip.

2. Sew the sequin trim to the strip of felt.

You'll want to wrap the edges of the sequin trim around the felt so that the sides of the felt will be hidden when you wear the clip in your hair.

3. Sew the hair clip to the felt.

4. Add a bit of sparkle to your 'do.  

This little gem of a clip is the perfect way to add a bit of glitz to your hair, especially with the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching.  Of course, a trip to the grocery store could qualify as a sequin wearing event too.  Everyday could use a bit more sparkle, don't cha think?!!