Whooosh... did you hear that?  That was October flying by, and boy does it go out with a bang!  Whooohoooo for Halloween!!

I can't wait to see all those little trick-or-treaters tonight.  I feel like a superhero passing out candy to all the neighborhood kids.  (Errrr, I mean ghosts, cowboys, princesses and vampires.)

Since it's the end of the October, I just wanted to take the time to look back over some of the fun bloggy posts from this month. Here we go...

Add a touch of whimsy to your shoes with this tutorial.

Caramel + Chocolate = Mmmmmm. You've gotta try this recipe.

This simple tutorial makes it easy to add bit of sparkle to your 'do.
Fit to be tied in a bow?  Then you need to make this sweater.

Add a bit of eerie elegance to your Halloween with these lacy candles.

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DIY: Spooky Lace Candle

Goodness, Halloween is this week!  Are you guys ready yet?  I've still got tons to do. I can't wait to see the neighborhood kids all dressed up to trick-or-treat.  I sure hope Frankenstorm doesn't put a damper on the mood.

Over the weekend, I decided to try a Halloween project inspired by this tablescape over at Country Living. These lace candles are the perfect blend of eerie elegance.

Ready to create some spooky candles of your own?


Stuff You'll Need:



Non-flammable paint 

Paint brush


1. Paint the lace. 

2. Roll the candle over the painted lace to stamp it with the lace pattern.

3. Light the candles for an eerie glow...

I made both gold and black lace candles so that I could transition them for Thanksgiving.

So, how are you guys decorating for Halloween?

The world is on fire.

I don't think there is anything so lovely around here right now as the changing autumn leaves. Every year my husband and I go for a joy ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway just to take it all in. I was "Oooooo-ing" and "Ahhhhhh-ing" the whole way. 

Kudos, Mother Nature, for yet another spectacular fall show.  You never fail to amaze me. Let's do this again sometime... say this time next year? I'll mark my calendar... I wouldn't miss it for the world.

DIY: Tied in a Bow Sweater

Here it is... my first ever 'bow'torial!  This tutorial is one part sweater and about a gazillion parts bows.

Are you ready to be tied in a bow?


Stuff you'll need:

I used 1/4 inch grosgrain ribbon.


1. Make a gazillion little bows...  ;)

Note: I singed the bow ends in flame (being careful not to burn down the house) to keep them from unraveling. A dab of clear nail polish could also do the trick.

2. Sew the bows onto the sweater. I just eyeballed random placement of the bows. You get the feel for it after a while.  I only put bows on the front and sleeves of the sweater. I didn't put them on the back because I felt the bows would get smushed every time I sat down.

Now you're set to be tied in a bow.

You can create this look in endless color combinations.  I really liked the contrast of the black ribbon on my beige sweater, but if you wanted to go subtle I really love this monochromatic look over at Atlantic-Pacific. Just find some ribbon in the same color as your sweater.

So, are you loving the embellished look?  

P.S. I'm brainstorming some other fun embellished clothing tutorials, so stay tuned. 



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Photo from DIY: Covered Book Tutorial

Hey guys, just trying to 'claim' my blog on Bloglovin'. Rumor has it that this post should let me do just that. I've got my fingers crossed.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend.  The AwEsOmE bow tutorial I hinted at here is coming up soon. Get ExCiTeD!!

Snug as a bug in a rug.

I love how cuddly this guy gets when the weather turns cool.  Hope you guys have some warm snuggly plans for this weekend too!

DIY: Sequin Hairclip

Clipping my hair back and the topsy turvy ponytail are about the only two ways I know how to style my hair. Easy, quick and simple is my kind of style. Of course, a 30 second hairstyle doesn't have to be boring. Adding a fun embellishment such as this sequin hair clip can take a simple style and make it extraordinary.

Wanna make your own sequin hair clip?


Stuff You'll Need:

Hair Clip*

Sequin Trim

Strip of Felt

Needle and Thread

*Note - Next time I'm going to use a hair clip that actually clips rather than one that slides into the hair to make it easier to get the clip in and out of the hairstyle.  Live and learn.  ;)


1. Cut a strip of felt just large enough to cover the hair clip.  Also, cut a piece of sequin trim slightly larger than the felt strip.

2. Sew the sequin trim to the strip of felt.

You'll want to wrap the edges of the sequin trim around the felt so that the sides of the felt will be hidden when you wear the clip in your hair.

3. Sew the hair clip to the felt.

4. Add a bit of sparkle to your 'do.  

This little gem of a clip is the perfect way to add a bit of glitz to your hair, especially with the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching.  Of course, a trip to the grocery store could qualify as a sequin wearing event too.  Everyday could use a bit more sparkle, don't cha think?!!

Sneak peeks.

I've got big plans for these little beauties.

I'm (finally) going to learn how to embroider.  I can't wait to put this rainbow of thread to work.

It's time to give my craft room some personality.  It's a bit easier to be creative when you are in a fun and inspiring space. First up, I have two chairs I want to refinish.  I'm thinking of painting them purple. Oh my, which shade to choose?? Hmmmm...

And not just any doilies.... Giant doilies!  I've been dreaming up this project for a while now and can't wait to see it finally come together. 

Stay tuned!

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Do you guys have any exciting plans or projects coming up?

DIY: Pom Pom Shoe Clips

Do you have a pair of shoes with tired old soles ready to be made new again?  All they need are pretty pom pom shoe clips to give them a new spring to their step.


Stuff you'll need:


Follow these directions to learn how to make a pom.  Remember to make two... one for each shoe!  :)

Shoe clips are so much fun because you can easily clip them to any pair of shoes to get a whole new look. I'm dying to try these on my leopard print flats next. Do you have a pair of shoes that could use a pom pom shoe clip makeover?