DIY: Wedding 'Shower' Photo Booth

Meet my fabulous sisters Rene and Alison.

My sister, Rene, recently sent me these photos of a wedding 'rain' shower photo booth she created for a friend and I knew I had to share them with you.  I mean, a rain shower themed wedding shower  = AwEsOmE!!  These photos are of my sisters goofing around on the set.  They obviously take this party business pretty seriously.  

Wanna make make a rain shower photo booth of your own?!! Here are some of Rene's tips:


1. Find a blank wall and hang a sheet up as a backdrop.

2. Decorate!  Use your imagination.  My sister used giant poms to create a cloud and handmade heart garland for raindrops. 

3. Add goofy props. Mustaches, umbrellas and giant lips are required.  ;)

4. Invite awesome people over. (These two girls are pretty cool, for example.)

4. Set up a camera.

5. Say cheeeeeese!

And of course, what would this post be without some pups dressed up for the shower (in raincoats, of course)!