DIY: Updated Topsy Turvy Ponytail

This is one of my favorite go to looks for summer.  While topsy turvy may be from the 1980s, it's easy to give it a modern twist by styling it off to the side. 

I originally included this tutorial as a part of this post, but decided that a classic such as the topsy turvy needed it's own well deserved air time here on the blog as well. 

Ready for an '80s flashback? Here's a refresher on how to create this updated iconic style.


Put your hair into a side ponytail. Use an elastic in a color that will blend in with your hair.

Part your hair above the ponytail to create a space to pull your hair through.

Lift your ponytail up and pull it down and through the part you created.

Pull your ponytail all the way through.  I like to keep it loose and a little messy for a more natural look.  It should now look like this: 

That is all there is to it, unless you'd like to add an embellishment
like the floral hair clip...

P.S. I love the tips and tricks in this post by my bloggy friend Erica.  Apparently, styling your hair to the side is perfect for traveling too!

Do you guys have any go to hairstyles or summer hair tips you'd like to share?