Good Eats, Chicago Style.

Who can go to Chicago and not talk about the food?!!  From Italian beef sandwiches, to stuffed pizza and world famous hot dogs, Chicago is a foodie's dream.

Superdawg.  Only the best hotdog you'll ever have... seriously. Just don't ask for ketchup.  You've been warned.  ;)

We had a good mix of fancy smancy dining and good ole' Chicago style comfort food.

There are tons of cafes along the river so you can sit back and sip a drink, while you people watch and enjoy the view.

Somehow room service can make a turkey club look five star fancy.

We dropped by the McDonald's Museum.  Unfortunately, it was closed (boo!), but we snapped a few pics anyway. Can you imagine paying 15 cents for a Big Mac?  Wild.


I've had a few readers mention they were visiting or moving to the Chicago area soon, so I thought I'd include links to some of our favorite places to eat in Chi-town.  Wanna find some places to grab some good grub?  Then check out this link.

So, all this deliciousness has got me wondering... what is your favorite kind of food?

Tomorrow, I thought we'd take a stroll through the Art Institute of Chicago.  Care to join me?