DIY: Painted Storage Box

I saw this project over at Centsational Girl and knew I had to give it a go.  I love projects that are simple, inexpensive and end up looking luxe.  This project gives you the look of expensive lacquer boxes (like these and these) at a fraction of the cost.


Stuff you'll need:

Wooden box.  (Check the woodworking section of your craft store.)

Patching plaster.  (To patch holes and imperfections in the wood.)

Craft paint in two coordinating colors (one for the base and one for trim).

Painter's tape.


Felt (Optional. Not shown above.)

Glossy spray sealant (Optional. Not shown above.)


1.  Remove the hardware off the front and patch the holes with the patching plaster.

2.  Paint the entire box your base color.  Mine was lavender.  Then, use the painter's tape to tape off the edges that you will paint to create your trim.  I sectioned off the top and bottom edges with the painter's tape first and then did the sides.

3.  Paint the edges you taped off using the trim paint color.  I chose a chocolate brown.  Here's what my box looked like when I had the top and bottom edges completed:

4.  Next, I did the sides:

5.  I also painted the inside of the box to give it a complete look.  Then, I gave the box a coat of glossy spray sealant to add a little sheen.

6. To finish, I cut a piece of felt to put in the bottom of the box:

And that is all there is to it.  Now you have a pretty place to store all your treasures...

I've got a bright, fun version of these boxes to show you later this week, so be sure to come back to check them out.

UPDATE: Check out the neon version HERE.