DIY: Floral Hat & Floral Tote

Okay guys, I have two more ways to show you how to style the flower pin created with the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial.  

The first is to simply pin the flower to a hat.  It adds a pretty, feminine touch and can make an old hat seem new again.

I can't take credit for this styling idea.  The clever Erica of Kizzling Around (my "name twinsie" bloggy friend) left a comment this week where she mentioned the flower would look great styled on a tote.  I love this idea and think it turned out great.  Thanks girl!

If you haven't visited Erica's blog Kizzling Around, you should drop by and say 'hi'.  She's a fun loving girl who is traveling the world and blogging about it as she goes.  Want to know what Japanese tomato chocolates taste like?  She's your girl!  She also takes some pretty amazing photos.

Note:  Since my tote was leather, I took a piece of scrap fabric and tied it around the purse strap so that I could attach the flower to the fabric and not puncture the leather.  If you have a fabric tote, you can easily pin the flower directly to the tote.

Well, that's it for this week's flower pin styling tutorials.  Hope you guys enjoyed them and maybe even came up with a few styling ideas of your own just like Erica.  If you have any awesome ideas, I'd love to hear them.  Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail.  I love seeing what a creative bunch my readers are!

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Hope you're having a great weekend guys!