DIY: Embellished Side Ponytail

This week I'm showing you my favorite ways to wear the floral pin I created with the DIY: Floral Pin Tutorial.

Today's tutorial shows you how to style the pin in an embellished side pony.  


1.  Create a floral hair clip using the DIY: Floral Hair Clip tutorial.

2.  Pull your hair into a side ponytail.

3.  Topsy-turvy your ponytail 1980s style by splitting your hair above the hair elastic and pulling the ponytail down and through the part you created.  This creates the pretty twisted effect on each side of the ponytail. 

Not a child of the 80's?  Click this link for a topsy turvy tutorial. (Although, if enough of you click the link, I'm gonna start to feel old.... ha!) ;)

4.  Clip the floral hair clip you created to the side of the topsy-turveyed ponytail closest to your face.  And viola!  Such a pretty and simple hairstyle.

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Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my next tutorial.  See you then!  :)