Art Institute of Chicago.

As I've mentioned before, painting is a new hobby of mine. So, imagine my excitement as I walked through the halls of the Art Institute of Chicago. I was like a kid in a candy store with all the goodies it contained. There was inspiration in every little nook and cranny, and we spent hours oogling at all the masterpieces.

These are a few of my favorite works. I credited the artists I could remember, but there were a few that slipped my mind.  If you know the missing credits, I'd love it if you let me know.   


Jackson Pollock

Van Gogh

My date with Monet, and I have to say, I was quite smitten...  He's a keeper. ;)

I have to say my favorite painting was the Van Gogh portrait.  The brush strokes are amazing. The photo I took really doesn't do the work justice.  In person, it is spectacular.

Do you have a favorite painting from the ones above?

Care to share favorite artists whose works you enjoy?