A few fun fabrics I picked up for upcoming DIY projects.  Get excited!

Surprisingly colorful suds at the carwash.

We've had our share of storms lately.  Amazing and terrifying all at the same time.  
It's not too fun when they cause you to lose power for a week in the summer heat. Ick!

The sunrises have been ahhhmazing. Almost makes my 5am wakeup call worth it.  ;)

A spot to call my own.  (Finally) putting together a craft room for myself.  It's not pretty yet, but I'm excited to have a place to work on all my projects.  Plus, it's nice to be able to think about decorating only one small room.  It makes it a lot less daunting than focusing on decorating our entire house.  Baby steps...

What have you been up to lately?

DIY: Hair Brooch

I mentioned in this post that you can easily turn just about any pin or brooch into an embellishment for your hair.  Today, I wanted to show how I've styled a few different trinkets in my hair.


Stuff you'll need:

Dig around in your jewelry box for pretty little trinkets.  The ones above are a few things I found.  You could use just about any type of trinket. (I imagine some earrings would look really great too.)  Keep an open mind and try out different items.  You never know what will work.

Also, I used these mini hairpins.  The mini size is great for hiding the hairpins under the small trinkets.  Plus, they are so stinkin' cute!


 Secure the trinkets to your hairstyle with bobby pins.

Here are the looks I created with the trinkets I found...

Want to make your own sparkly heart?  Hop on over to the DIY: Heart Pin Tutorial.

I've had so much fun styling these trinkets in my hair.  For the future, I'm keeping a lookout for some pretty rhinestone brooches to add to my collection.

Do you guys have any favorite trinkets or treasures?


Oh. My. Goodness. The DIY: Anchor Pin Tutorial was featured over at All Women Stalk.  Check out the feature here. There are a lot of other great anchor projects by some very crafty ladies in the round up, so be sure click through to check them out.

A special thanks to Meream for including the my tutorial in the round up.  Be sure to check out her beautiful blog, Bored & Crafty.

Another special thank you to Michelle at Wishful Thinking for featuring the minted bobby pins I made with the DIY: Bobby Pin Makeover Tutorial.  Check out the feature in her 5 DIYs To Try post and browse around her site for ideas on how to live the good life on a real girl's budget.  

Hope you're having a great weekend!  All this bloggy love is making me smile!  :)

Feeling green.

Green-footed that is.  This is Tanner after romping around in the freshly mowed lawn....priceless.

And, I have to say, green is really becoming on him.

Here's to a great weekend guys!  Get some grass between your toes!  :)

DIY: Neon Edged Boxes

Earlier this week I showed you how I made painted storage boxes with DIY: Painted Storage Box Tutorial as inspired by this project at Centsational Girl. As promised, here is the bright, fun version I also made using that tutorial. I got the inspiration to create this neon look from this pin on Pinterest.  

Wanna make your own neon edged boxes?


Stuff you'll need:

Wooden Jewelry Box (you can find these in your craft store)

Craft Paint (in bright and cheerful colors)

Painter's Tape


1.  Use the painter's tape to mark off the edges of the box. We'll skip applying a base color, because this lets the wood's natural beauty show through.

2.  All that's left to do is to paint the edges in any color you'd like. I chose bright, neon colors as they look striking against the neutral wood background.

Not the typical adjectives associated with storage boxes, but for these neon beauties, they just seem fitting.

So which version of the boxes do you guys prefer?  Do you like the luxe, classic look from the tutorial on Monday or this bright, fun neon version?  I can't decide myself, but since they are so easy to make, I don't have to choose anyway.  :)  

DIY: Painted Storage Box

I saw this project over at Centsational Girl and knew I had to give it a go.  I love projects that are simple, inexpensive and end up looking luxe.  This project gives you the look of expensive lacquer boxes (like these and these) at a fraction of the cost.


Stuff you'll need:

Wooden box.  (Check the woodworking section of your craft store.)

Patching plaster.  (To patch holes and imperfections in the wood.)

Craft paint in two coordinating colors (one for the base and one for trim).

Painter's tape.


Felt (Optional. Not shown above.)

Glossy spray sealant (Optional. Not shown above.)


1.  Remove the hardware off the front and patch the holes with the patching plaster.

2.  Paint the entire box your base color.  Mine was lavender.  Then, use the painter's tape to tape off the edges that you will paint to create your trim.  I sectioned off the top and bottom edges with the painter's tape first and then did the sides.

3.  Paint the edges you taped off using the trim paint color.  I chose a chocolate brown.  Here's what my box looked like when I had the top and bottom edges completed:

4.  Next, I did the sides:

5.  I also painted the inside of the box to give it a complete look.  Then, I gave the box a coat of glossy spray sealant to add a little sheen.

6. To finish, I cut a piece of felt to put in the bottom of the box:

And that is all there is to it.  Now you have a pretty place to store all your treasures...

I've got a bright, fun version of these boxes to show you later this week, so be sure to come back to check them out.

UPDATE: Check out the neon version HERE.

DIY: Floral Hat & Floral Tote

Okay guys, I have two more ways to show you how to style the flower pin created with the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial.  

The first is to simply pin the flower to a hat.  It adds a pretty, feminine touch and can make an old hat seem new again.

I can't take credit for this styling idea.  The clever Erica of Kizzling Around (my "name twinsie" bloggy friend) left a comment this week where she mentioned the flower would look great styled on a tote.  I love this idea and think it turned out great.  Thanks girl!

If you haven't visited Erica's blog Kizzling Around, you should drop by and say 'hi'.  She's a fun loving girl who is traveling the world and blogging about it as she goes.  Want to know what Japanese tomato chocolates taste like?  She's your girl!  She also takes some pretty amazing photos.

Note:  Since my tote was leather, I took a piece of scrap fabric and tied it around the purse strap so that I could attach the flower to the fabric and not puncture the leather.  If you have a fabric tote, you can easily pin the flower directly to the tote.

Well, that's it for this week's flower pin styling tutorials.  Hope you guys enjoyed them and maybe even came up with a few styling ideas of your own just like Erica.  If you have any awesome ideas, I'd love to hear them.  Just leave a comment or send me an e-mail.  I love seeing what a creative bunch my readers are!

If you missed some of the previous flower styling posts, be sure to check them out here:

Hope you're having a great weekend guys!

DIY: Flower Belt

This week I'm showing you some of my favorite ways to style the floral pin I made with the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial.  Today, I'll show you how I styled the flower to create a floral belt.


1.  Pin the flower to the item of clothing just above the belt you are wearing.

2. Be sure to hide the buckle for a nice clean look:

That's all there is to it!  

If you missed the other flower pin styling tutorials this week check them out here:

Whooooohooooooo!! TGIF guys!  Have a great weekend!

DIY: Embellished Side Ponytail

This week I'm showing you my favorite ways to wear the floral pin I created with the DIY: Floral Pin Tutorial.

Today's tutorial shows you how to style the pin in an embellished side pony.  


1.  Create a floral hair clip using the DIY: Floral Hair Clip tutorial.

2.  Pull your hair into a side ponytail.

3.  Topsy-turvy your ponytail 1980s style by splitting your hair above the hair elastic and pulling the ponytail down and through the part you created.  This creates the pretty twisted effect on each side of the ponytail. 

Not a child of the 80's?  Click this link for a topsy turvy tutorial. (Although, if enough of you click the link, I'm gonna start to feel old.... ha!) ;)

4.  Clip the floral hair clip you created to the side of the topsy-turveyed ponytail closest to your face.  And viola!  Such a pretty and simple hairstyle.

If you liked this tutorial, you'll also enjoy the other ones I've covered this week.  Check them out here:

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for my next tutorial.  See you then!  :)

DIY: Flower Hairpiece

This week, I'm showing you different ways to style the floral pin from the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial. So far, I've already covered how to make a Floral Hair Clip and Floral Headband

Today, I'll show you how to create this girly and romantic hairstyle using the flower as a floral hairpiece. Unlike yesterday's tutorial where we added a hair clip to the back of the pin, today's tutorial shows you how to save time and skip that step while still allowing you to be able to style the floral pin in your hair.


1.  Pull your hair up into a high bun.

2.  If you made the floral hair clip from yesterday's tutorial, all you have to do is clip it in place where you'd like it to sit on the bun. 
---- Or ----
If you'd like to cheat (it's ok, that's allowed)... make sure the pin on the back of the flower is firmly closed so that it doesn't poke you when you put it in your hair.  Secure the flower to the bun by inserting a few hairpins through the pin on the back of the flower.  Simple as that.

You could easily use the 'cheat' method to secure any type of pin (i.e. brooch pins, etc. etc.) to your hairstyle.  The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the next floral pin styling tutorial.  See you then!

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DIY: Flower Hair Clip

This week I'm showing you my favorite ways to style the flower pin from the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial. Today, I'll show you how to turn the pin into a floral hair clip.


Stuff you'll need:


1.  Prepare a flower using the DIY: Flower Pin Tutorial. Basically, you'll just get a faux flower and snip the stem off.  Click the tutorial link for more details.

2.  Sew a hair clip on the back of the flower opposite to where the pin is sewn.  The stitches don't have to be pretty, as they will be hidden when you wear the flower.  Here is what the back of mine looks like:

Now, all you have to do is add a bit of floral to your 'do:

If you missed yesterday's tutorial on how to create a floral headband, be sure to check it out. Tomorrow, I'll show you how to style the flower in a romantic updo. See you then!