My husband and I spent last week filling the lazy days of a staycation.  It was nice to take some time off for ourselves and to enjoy our time together without the stress of work or schedules.  Even though we spent time relaxing and lounging around, we also made it a point to go off on little adventures in the area.  Here are some photos of the amazing week we had and some tips I discovered along the way for how to make a staycation relaxing, fun and memorable:


1.  Sleep in and be sure to start the day off with a good breakfast.  Waffles are awesome and drinking OJ from a wine glass just makes the mornings more special.

2.  Get outside and go on an adventure or two.  We went hiking with the pups and spent a day kayaking.

3.  Treat yourself to an indulgence.  We visited a winery where we went on a tour, enjoyed a wine tasting and ate a delicious gourmet lunch.

4.  Try a new recipe.  We made this one.  (Not into cooking?  Try a new restaurant.)

5.  Take in the scenery by visiting a park, taking a walk downtown, shopping at a farmer's market, or exploring a nearby city or attraction.  We went on a breathtaking joyride on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  The views were incredible:

6.  Best of all, spend oodles of time with those special people (and crazy pups) who make you smile...

So how about you?  Do you staycation or do you have to get away on your time off?  If you staycation, what do you like to do for fun?  Do you have any big travel plans for this summer?

For our next stretch of time off we'll be traveling.  Can't wait to share that adventure with you guys too!