I've got two furry rascals living with me and they never seem to run out of puppy shannanigans to get themselves into.  After seeing this pug mug on Pinterest, I knew I had to create mugshots for my own little outlaws to commemorate their mischievous puppyhoods:


Don't let those adorable faces fool you, these two have managed to wrangle themselves into just about all the puppy trouble they can find.  They've destroyed carpet and window screens and chewed just about everything they can sink their teeth into.  They've tracked in so much mud on rainy days that my floor is now a nice permanent shade of orange. Many brawls have been started over coveted plush toys and a few plants have been murdered by their digging in the yard. They've also taken it upon themselves to torment the neighbors with episodes of endless barking and even frighten small children from time to time.

All in all these two are bad to the bone (and luckily, they are cute enough to get away with it).  I mean, with mugs like that, how could you not forgive even the worst puppy offense?  You know, home destruction and sanity is fleeting, but puppy love, now that is forever.

Do you have any mischevious pet stories to tell?  Please, please tell me my pups aren't the only bad boys on the block :)


And now, my pups' theme song.  Go on, press play... you know you want to.  This song will be stuck in your head all day, and you are so very welcome. ;)

Bad Boys (Theme From Cops) by Inner Circle on Grooveshark

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