Have you heard of the iPhone app Duomatic?  It lets you create double exposures with the images on your phone.  I found that it can be a bit tricky to get a good composition when meshing two images together, but, with a a bit of practice, you can produce some really striking images.

It's hard to choose a favorite from the images above, but the ones in the middle where my two shrunken puppies are chasing each other among the giant blades of grass has a touch of whimsy that just makes me smile. I love how the juxtaposition of those two images instantly creates a world where miniature puppies can romp around an oversized spring garden.

Another iPhone app I'm dying to try is Cinemagram, which lets you create photos that capture glimpses of movement.  Check out the Cinemagram Tumblr to see some in action. They are pretty amazing. Unfortunately this app isn't compatible with my older version of the iPhone (boo!), but if if you don't own a dinosaur like me, you should give it a try. 

Cinemagrams are based on the magical Cinemagraphs created by photographers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg.  Jamie also has a beautiful blog, From Me To You, where you can follow all her photography adventures.  Her work is simply stunning.  

Do you have any favorite iPhone apps you'd like to share?  I'm always looking for new things to try.