Grass got your tongue?

Tanner's number one favorite thing of all time to do in the yard is graze on the grass.  In fact, he's developed a pretty serious grass eating habit.  I can always count on finding him behind a tall tuft of grass just a-chewing away.  We've got our fingers crossed that, if he keeps grazing at his current rate,  we will be able to retire our lawnmower soon, and, of course, my husband won't complain about that.  As for Mr. Tanner, I'm starting to wonder if he thinks he's a cow.  Come to think of it, he also oinks like a pig.   Maybe he belongs on a farm...  

Poor little guy, where did we go wrong in raising him?  Although it's pretty stinkin' cute to have a pup who oinks and munches on grass....

Grass is not the only vegetation that he finds irresistible in the yard.  Take a peak at how Tanner enjoys his flowers.


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    1. Hi Amanda! My pup, Tanner, is adorable, but t.r.o.u.b.l.e is is middle name. He's always finding all kinds of puppy mischief to get into. I love the little bugger though!

      Thanks for stopping by. I'm about to head on over to check out your blog. See you there :)