DIY: Mani/Pedi Caddy

My weekend ritual almost always involves pampering myself with a pedicure.  Nothing too fancy, but I do like spending a little time on my tired tootsies after a long week. 

The thing is, I got tired of having to gather all the supplies I needed before I got started.  I was constantly searching for polish remover, hunting down cotton balls and q-tips, looking for that elusive shade of polish and trying to find my foot cream. I finally had a stroke of genius and decided to fill a caddy with all the odds and ends I would need so wouldn't have to hunt for them every time I wanted to do my nails.  Now when I want to do my nails, it is as easy of grabbing my caddy and I'm good to go.  Plus, since it's portable, I can easily carry it to wherever I want to do my nails, whether that's watching TV on the couch, lounging on the patio or anywhere else I'd like to be.

Tired of searching for your essentials also?  Make your own Mani/Pedi Caddy!

Here's a peak into mine to get you started:


A few other supplies you could also include in addition to what I show above: toe separators, emory boards, nail stickers, cuticle cream and any other things you'd need.

Of course, you could use any type of basket, box or caddy to hold your supplies.  I chose a plastic caddy because it is sturdy, easy to clean and has a handle for easy carrying. 

A mani/pedi caddy would also make a great gift for a friend who needs a little pampering.  Fill one up with all the essentials and add a couple of pretty polishes and you have a really thoughtful gift.

Here's to pampering yourself!