Maybe its the spring air or all the fabulous sunshine, but I'm completely infatuated with gardens right now.  It's a little ironic considering I've never been able to boast about having a green thumb.  My previous track record includes killing pretty much every plant I've ever had responsibility for, including a cactus.  It's embarrassing, but its come to the point where my husband won't even let me water the house plants.  (It's probably for the best...just ask our plants, they'll vouch for that.)  Still, my history of being a plant killer doesn't keep me from dreaming about creating my own botanical utopia in the backyard one day. All I need to do is grow a green thumb first.  A bit dirt and a little can't be that hard, right?

Here are some photos that have me in a gardening mood.  They were taken on a recent trip to the botanical gardens.  If these don't inspire me to grow a green thumb, I'm not sure what will.

Happy Thursday!