DIY: Mason Jar Makeover

I've got everything from sequins to thread and crochet hooks to buttons stored in mason jars.  These little jars have been the perfect storage solution for many of my crafting supplies.  I love that not only do the jars look great sitting on a shelf, but the clear glass makes it easy to see what's stored inside.  All they needed was a little makeover to freshen them up a bit.

Wanna make a ho-hum mason jar something a little more special?


Stuff you'll need:

Mason jars.

Decorative Paper.



Glue (optional).


1.  Remove the inner circular lid from the mason jar top and use this lid as a template to trace a circle onto your decorative paper.

2.  Using scissors, cut out the circle you drew on the paper.

3.  (Optional) If you'd like, you can glue the paper onto the lid and then glue the lid together to hold everything in place.  (I opted to skip this step so that I can change out the paper if I want to later on. I just insert the paper into the lid and screwed the top onto the jar.  Of course, the downside of not gluing everything in place is that the top can fall apart when you open it.  If that will drive you nuts, just glue it!)

So there you have it.  All it took was a bit of paper and a few minutes time to transform these jars from mere canning supplies to pretty organizers.  Now fill the jars with your odds and ends and and place them on a shelf for all to see.  They look especially pretty when catching the sunlight. Enjoy!