DIY: Framed Corkboard

I've been looking for a stylish corkboard to hold all my notes, lists and reminders.  In my search, I was having a difficult time finding one that didn't remind me of an elementary school classroom. That's when I decided to roll up my sleeves and create my own grown-up version. Best thing about the DIY version: it is completely custom and designed to match your style.


Stuff you'll need:

A picture frame of your choice.  (Look for deals.  I got mine for 40% off at Michaels.)

A roll of cork large enough to cover the area of your frame.





1. Open the frame and remove the back and glass.  Safely discard the glass.  (Note: To state the obvious, the glass is very sharp and fragile so be careful.  I know, you know, but being the clumsy dummy I am I managed to slice my hand pretty good in this step and have the scar to prove it. Yikes!)

2. Roll the cork out on a flat surface and place the back of the frame onto the cork as a template.  Using a pen or pencil, trace the outline of the back of the frame onto the cork.

3. Cut the cork along the outline you drew, creating a piece of cork that will fit perfectly into your frame.

4. Glue the cork cutout to the back of the frame.  In my experience, this step was easier said than done.  The cork did not want to lie flat.  I literally found myself in a wrestling match trying to keep the cork from curling.  Once I finally wrangled it into position, I placed a few heavy books over it to hold it down as the glue dried for a day or so.

5. After the glue is dry, insert the back of the frame with the cork now firmly attached into the picture frame and close the frame's prongs to hold it all in place.

Ta dah!  Now you have your very own corkboard that is completely unique and suits your style.  Time to push pin all your to-do lists, notes, pictures, etc. into the board.  Being organized never looked so good.  :)