DIY: Mason Jar Makeover

I've got everything from sequins to thread and crochet hooks to buttons stored in mason jars.  These little jars have been the perfect storage solution for many of my crafting supplies.  I love that not only do the jars look great sitting on a shelf, but the clear glass makes it easy to see what's stored inside.  All they needed was a little makeover to freshen them up a bit.

Wanna make a ho-hum mason jar something a little more special?


Stuff you'll need:

Mason jars.

Decorative Paper.



Glue (optional).


1.  Remove the inner circular lid from the mason jar top and use this lid as a template to trace a circle onto your decorative paper.

2.  Using scissors, cut out the circle you drew on the paper.

3.  (Optional) If you'd like, you can glue the paper onto the lid and then glue the lid together to hold everything in place.  (I opted to skip this step so that I can change out the paper if I want to later on. I just insert the paper into the lid and screwed the top onto the jar.  Of course, the downside of not gluing everything in place is that the top can fall apart when you open it.  If that will drive you nuts, just glue it!)

So there you have it.  All it took was a bit of paper and a few minutes time to transform these jars from mere canning supplies to pretty organizers.  Now fill the jars with your odds and ends and and place them on a shelf for all to see.  They look especially pretty when catching the sunlight. Enjoy!

First position.

I love a good documentary, and this one looks ahhhhmazing!

It's scheduled to come out in May and I can't wait to see it. Until then, get your ballet fix at the First Position website.

On third anniversaries.

So my husband hinted that he got me something silver for our wedding anniversary this year.  Knowing that jewelry really isn't our style, I was stumped.  Luckily, I didn't have to wait in suspense for too long, because in classic form he gave me the gift two days ahead of our anniversary. (We've never been much for self-restraint when it comes to giving presents.)  I squealed in delight when I saw the magnificent silver waffle maker, which we quickly put to good use thanks to some Bisquick, fresh berries and whipped cream.

I know that technically the third wedding anniversary is supposed to be for leather gifts, but lazy mornings eating waffles with my man just seems so much better.  I'm convinced it's time to change the tradition and make third anniversaries for gifting waffles rather than leather.  Just food for thought...

DIY: Conversation Hangers

I love opening my coat closet and being greeted by these cheery little hangers.  They are a simple project that can have a big impact and would be an especially thoughtful housewarming gift.

Wanna make your own?


Stuff you'll need:

Wooden hangers.

Alphabet stencil. (The letters need to be small enough to fit in the width of your hanger.)


Stencil paint.

Stencil brush.



1.  Create phrases for your hangers.  What could a hanger say to brighten your day as you hang up your coat?  Here's a few things I came up with:

Just a couple other ideas:

- Take Off Your Coat And Stay Awhile

- Hang Around, Will Ya?

- No Place Like Home

- Home Sweet Home

- His & Hers hangers - one for each of you!

- Personalize a hanger with someone's name.

- A beautiful keepsake hanger for a bridal gown personalized with monogrammed initials and the couple's wedding date.

2.  Now that you've got your phrases, trace them onto the hangers in pencil to be sure the layout is how you like it.

3.  Stencil time!  Line up the stencil along your penciled in outline and dab on the paint.  You only need a little bit of paint on the brush at a time and it is easiest to use a dabbing motion rather than brushstrokes to paint on the letters.  Be careful not to smudge the paint before it dries.

4.  Once the paint is dry, move the hangers outside and give them a good coat of the sealant.  The spray sealant has an awful smell so I left the hangers outside for a while to allow the fumes to dissipate before bringing them inside.

So there you have it, your own conversation hangers, and what girl wouldn't want to have a conversation with her closet?

Of course, if you'd like your neighbors to give you odd looks, you could hang them in a tree.  (Works every time.)

If you do this project, please share!  What clever things are your hangers saying?

Stop and eat the flowers.

Because sometimes flowers are just too pretty not to eat . . .

Simply lovely, no matter how you enjoy them.  Of course, I prefer putting them in a vase over eating them, but to each his or her own.  (Tanner, I won't judge.)

Enjoy the weekend!  Take the time to stop and eat smell some flowers.  :)

DIY: Framed Corkboard

I've been looking for a stylish corkboard to hold all my notes, lists and reminders.  In my search, I was having a difficult time finding one that didn't remind me of an elementary school classroom. That's when I decided to roll up my sleeves and create my own grown-up version. Best thing about the DIY version: it is completely custom and designed to match your style.


Stuff you'll need:

A picture frame of your choice.  (Look for deals.  I got mine for 40% off at Michaels.)

A roll of cork large enough to cover the area of your frame.





1. Open the frame and remove the back and glass.  Safely discard the glass.  (Note: To state the obvious, the glass is very sharp and fragile so be careful.  I know, you know, but being the clumsy dummy I am I managed to slice my hand pretty good in this step and have the scar to prove it. Yikes!)

2. Roll the cork out on a flat surface and place the back of the frame onto the cork as a template.  Using a pen or pencil, trace the outline of the back of the frame onto the cork.

3. Cut the cork along the outline you drew, creating a piece of cork that will fit perfectly into your frame.

4. Glue the cork cutout to the back of the frame.  In my experience, this step was easier said than done.  The cork did not want to lie flat.  I literally found myself in a wrestling match trying to keep the cork from curling.  Once I finally wrangled it into position, I placed a few heavy books over it to hold it down as the glue dried for a day or so.

5. After the glue is dry, insert the back of the frame with the cork now firmly attached into the picture frame and close the frame's prongs to hold it all in place.

Ta dah!  Now you have your very own corkboard that is completely unique and suits your style.  Time to push pin all your to-do lists, notes, pictures, etc. into the board.  Being organized never looked so good.  :)

The sincerest form of flattery.

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then The Civil Wars are paying Michael Jackson quite a tribute.  I'm loving this cool, subdued version of Billie Jean.

(Found via Seychelles Blog)

Where the wildflowers are.

Right now there is a field of wildflowers in the backyard. I guess technically those blossoms are weeds, but they are far too pretty for me to see them as such.  I don't have the heart to let my husband mow them down quite yet, despite the fact that the lawn is quickly growing out of control.  Sometimes I can barely see my two puppies above the towering height of the grass.

Eventually we'll have to succumb to cutting the grass, but for now I'm enjoying my little flower garden.  To some they may merely be weeds, but to me they are some kind of beautiful.  And nothing beats fresh flowers for free.  Thank you, Springtime, enjoy your stay.

Happy weekend!